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LESLIE J KILEY-SMITH   (#578)   (Les)

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Berkeley, CA
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5108418484 Ext:1151
Berkeley Therapy Institute
Doctoral Intern
1749 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94709

Berkeley, CA  

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Doctoral Intern
Education and Experience
California Institute of Integral Studies
Candidate, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
Master of Arts (Clinical Psychology), 2015.

Swinburne University of Technology
Bachelor of Arts (Double Major: Psychology/Psychophysiology), 1984.

Associate degree: Nursing, 1982.
More Personal Info
* Training in: Individual & Group (Mileu), Psychodynamic, Existential-Humanistic, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing.
* 45 years as a Registered Nurse (Australia, Great Britain, USA) including UCSF, Catholic Charities HIV/AIDS Case Manager, Bay Area Research & Addiction Treatment, California Transplant Donor Network (US Certified Transplant Coordinator) caring for people with catastrophic head injury.
*Berkeley Therapy Institute 2018-20, Pre-Doctoral Internship.
Responsible for eclectic individual therapy under a private practice model. Interests include: Questions related to Trauma, affect disturbance, substance use, compulsions, gender-sexualities, and relational challenges; as they influence how we construct our perception of the world & reality in which we live. His psychoanalytic-spiritual approach is a whole person practice.
* Bay Area Addiction & Treatment (Market St. SF). Substance Abuse Counselor.
* Ohlhoff Recovery Programs 2015-6
Responsible for individual and group process therapy, psychoeducation groups with 8-16 men, and longer-term individual therapy with men aged 18-70, in a 12-step social model abstinence residential substance recovery house. Previous relational psychoanalytic training, along with new fluid CBT/ACT practices, dual-diagnosis case formulations, and didactic presentations, focused on attachment, trauma, faulty thinking, cognitive distortions, assumptions, painful feelings, and connection to community. Many men experienced hypo-manic and psychotic substance use events with repetitive drug and sex obsessions/compulsions, negative transference, dysregulated anxiety, panic, depression, existential issues, and personality disorders. Additionally, I provided weekly individual brief-therapy for culturally diverse (Filipino, Chinese, Latino, Mexican, black, white) male and female Lincoln High School youth, aged 13-18. Many adolescents lived with co-existing sexual identity, transgenerational, immigration, and trauma experiences.
*Psychological Services Center
Responsible for relationally oriented psychodynamic therapy in private practice model with a diverse low to middle income population with grief, loss, anxiety, depression, autism, and personality disorders.
*PsyD Teaching Assistant Skills: Cognitive and Intelligence Testing I corrected & graded standard scores, intelligence test development, practice administering, scoring, interpretation, with special attention to current versions of WISC and WAIS.
Previously (Nursing):
UCSF Administrative Nurse (HIV/AIDS Clinics)
Related Studies
*Seminarian, United States Ridhwan International Next Generation Seminary 2009-2014 The Diamond Heart Approach to Self-Realization. A path of spiritual inquiry into self-remembering and super-ego disengagement through life, and living, as a daily practice.
*Volunteer, San Francisco Child Abuse and Prevention Completed 52hr volunteer orientation for the “Talk Line.” Emphasis: crisis intervention in child development and family dynamics. Orientation included: dynamics of child abuse, intervention techniques, cultural awareness, parents with special needs (addiction, co-dependence, separated/divorced, single and step-parents, foster & relative caretakers); child-focused concerns: sexual abuse, incest dynamics, high risk (suicide, hurt child).
California Institute of Integral Studies
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Alameda County Psychological Association
4200 Park Blvd., #200
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 433-9580