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Local Advocacy Network

The Local Advocacy Network (LAN) [formerly Governmental Affairs Committee] representatives are the connectors of California Psychological Association’s (CPA) grassroots network. LAN Representatives are highly motivated volunteers that connect their chapter or division to the important legislative information provided by the LAN and CPA’s advocacy staff.

Our LAN Representative has a vital role in the success of CPA’s lobbying effort in Sacramento. LAN Representative responsibilities include the following:

  • Responding to requests for grassroots action by using of chapter and LAN listservs
  • Providing feedback on ACPA's grassroots efforts to the CPA advocacy staff
  • Providing feedback to LAN Chair and CPA Staff about legislative ideas/changes in the law
  • Setting up district meetings, meet and greets, and fundraisers.
  • Maintaining a grassroots network of psychologists in the legislative district
  • Updating psychologists in our chapter on the status of current legislative initiatives;
  • Attending CPA’s Leadership and Advocacy Day in Sacramento each year and participating in annual LAN meetings
  • Recognizing legislators from our area who support CPA-sponsored or supported legislation; and
  • Honoring grassroots volunteers from our chapter who show initiative and leadership in state advocacy.

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