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Published on 12/15/2017


Whereas the Alameda County Psychological Association (ACPA) and the broader psychological community lost a brilliant, visionary leader and generous and dedicated mentor on November 21, 2017, with the death of Dr. Joseph L. White;

Whereas he was a tireless and outspoken advocate of multiculturalism and social justice;

Whereas he inspired countless psychology students and prepared them to become mentors and community advocates for more than 56 years;

Whereas he positively impacted, both directly and indirectly, the growth and development of children and families across the state of California through his clinical work and consultation;

Whereas he was seminal in helping to form the Educational Opportunity Program in California and was a champion for legislative advocacy; 

Whereas he was instrumental in development of the discipline of Black Psychology through participating in the founding of the Association of Black Psychologists and the authoring of the seminal article “Towards a Black Psychology” in Ebony Magazine;

Whereas he was an instrumental supporter of increasing the diversity within the Alameda County Psychological Association, as well as the overall Alameda County psychological community;

Whereas Dr. Joseph L. White’s quick wit, selflessness, vitality and kindness enriched those fortunate enough to know and work with him;

Whereas Dr. Joseph L. White was much loved and respected by his family, friends, co-workers, his students, and his many mentees, both in the United States and around the world; and

Whereas his true legacy lies in the profound effect he had on the countless people he mentored and taught throughout his career, now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that the Alameda County Psychological Association (ACPA)

(1) on behalf of its members, recognizes the remarkable achievements of Dr. Joseph L. White and gratefully acknowledges his many contributions to the profession of psychology; and

(2) extends its sincerest condolences to his partner Lois White, his three daughters Lori, Lynn, and Lisa, and their mother Myrtle Escort White, as well his students, colleagues, and mentees.

Bedford Palmer II, Ph.D., 510-761-8282

Selene Fabiano, Ph.D., 510-529-5470

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