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Ethan Schwartz 

Berkeley, CA

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Berkeley, CA
2340 Ward St., Suite 204
Berkeley, CA 94903

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Dr. Ethan Schwartz is a licensed psychologist (California license # PSY20986) who has worked in university counseling centers, community mental health clinics and in the Kaiser Permanente HMO setting, and has presented at national and state psychology conventions. He has taught courses on positive psychology and happiness, the psychology of peak performance, and managing multiple life roles. He provides APA approved continuing education classes on the research proven habits of effective therapists and providing strength based therapy. He pursued the ingredients of effective therapy as a graduate student researcher conducting outcome studies on therapy treatments and as a psychologist trained to utilize specific tools and therapeutic techniques designed to demonstrate positive outcomes. He has maintained a private practice since 2006.
Before entering professional psychology he was an Outward Bound instructor and has been an avid rock climber and outdoor athlete for 30 years.
Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO


My work involves collaborating with individuals and couples on their own personal recipes for life satisfaction and what their lives will look like when the "problem" is no longer a problem. I try to carefully separate the "problem" from the person, who is often doing the best he or she can, so we can identify strengths, resiliencies, and resources that allow clients to construct a life worth living and a relationship worth celebrating. This does not mean ignoring difficult issues or painful areas, but it is important to know at the outset how we will know therapy has been successful.

I tend to work in a time sensitive format that prioritizes mutually agreed upon goals that we can reference along the way to know if we are making progress. In addition, I do longer term work on longer term issues if that is what the client is seeking and needs.

I also present workshops on Positive Psychology, which focuses on enhancing what we have, optimizing who we are, and building strengths as buffers against weaknesses rather than focusing solely on deficiencies. I utilize the latest research on happiness and life/relationship satisfaction both in my approach to therapy and my teaching.

Alameda County Psychological Association
4200 Park Blvd., #200
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 433-9580